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4thStory Charters

Where Adventure MeetsThe Open Sea

Welcome to 4thStory Charters, your gateway to unforgettable maritime adventures. Captain Jason, our seasoned expert, boast a deep connection with the pristine waters of Naples, Florida that only comes from years of dedicated exploration.  With extensive experience navigating the Naples waters, Captain Jason brings an unparalleled level of knowledge to your excursion.  His connection with the local waters means you're in the hands of a true expert.  He has dedicated countless hours to matering the tides, uncovering hidden fishing gems, and honing his skills as a top-tier guide.

"The  sunset cruise with 4thStoryCharters was an experience we will cherish forever.The sight of dolphins playing in the distance and the occasional manatee sighting made it all the more magical. Captain Jason's warmth and expertise made us feel at home. It was the highlight of our Florida vacation. Can't wait to return and create more memories!"

We enjoyed a fantastic day out in the Gulf of Mexico. Sea Turtles, Stuingrys, dolphins jumping out of the water, goliath grouper, and of course the sharks! We highly recommend 4thStory Charters and will certainly be back again!


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