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The Boat

  • The Robalo Cayman is equipped with plush wrap-around seating complete with supportive backrests for those moments of leisure as you glide past scenic vistas.

  • Storage is never a concern; the boat is ingeniously designed with ample compartments, including specialized coolers for keeping your refreshments chilled under the sun. Whether you're bringing along fishing gear or picnic essentials, there's a spot for every item.

  • Anglers will find themselves drawn to the generous casting deck at the bow, a prime spot for casting lines or soaking up the sun's rays.

  • The boat's stern surprises with a convertible pop-up seat that offers additional lounging space, or when folded, becomes an extended platform for fishing. This flexibility makes the Robalo Cayman 246 not just a boat but a versatile companion for exploring the bountiful waters near Naples, Florida.

Dive into the  adventure of a lifetime aboard our versatile and stylish 2020 Robalo Cayman 246 powered by a Yamaha 300. This vessel embodies the perfect balance of luxury sightseeing and serious angling prowess. With a length of 25 feet, it offers expansive space for passengers and gear alike, ensuring a smooth and spacious ride.

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